~ Food Services Consulting ~

Good Stock Foods is all about quality, professionalism, controls, systems and service. The following standard food service parts must be in place for a venue's successful operation with increased profits.

Management of time, policy, staff and the controls fill a manager's day.

The Venue & Menu may have theme relativity and is equipment dictated.

Supplier relationships must be tended to ~ talking to all of them has benefits.

Kitchen Operations & Protocol activity is at the heart of a successful operation.

Food Service Systems in good working order on the line and out front, linking the two departments, is critical.

Customer Service is a mix of intelligence, anticipatory habits and a genuine sales attitude.

The Controls develop excellent food keep standards and food cost accountability.

Personnel recruiting and hiring must be rigorous; training, a commitment.

Keeping It Fresh in all departments is the greatest task.

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Our company assists food service venues in the full spectrum of controlling the cost of goods sold. These controls begin in the rapport established with suppliers to the gracious acknowledgement of customers leaving out the door. We design custom, grassroots food systems and detailed policy for the diner down the road or for venues wanting more formal and/or strict protocol. Our wilderness work is extensive.

Good Stock Foods products, available through local production and catering are all natural, with mountain grown herbs contributing to robust, generous flavours — bountiful, diverse, clean.

Three additional services Good Stock Foods has experience and expertise in:

Event Coordinating & Hosting Let Good Stock Foods cover the big picture.

Kitchen Systematizing Get your home's kitchen organized.

The chef brings stocks, the mirepoix and a herb and spice box to the home, empties the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, cooking and organizing foods over a day to yield nutritious, portioned/packaged meals to the client's specs. The kitchen's food is dealt with in its entirety with a custom grocery list and menu/entrée suggestions left on the counter. Monthly upkeep services are available.

Food Lifestyle Consulting Stylize your food intake to how you live.

'Good stock foods.'